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Author: Omer

Streaming Bluetooth Audio from iPhone to Your Audi A4

If you’ve been searching for a solution to streaming bluetooth audio from an iPhone to your Audi (or VW/Mercedes Benz) then you’ve come to the right place. Just watch the video below for the (what I think) is the best and most cost-effective solution out there: You can get more information about the ViseeO Tune2Air here. Does the Bluetooth Audio work with iPhone Apps? In addition to playing music from your iPhone, you can also use this solution with other iPhone apps. Here’s a list of the apps that I’m using and getting audio from the car speakers: Apple Maps (Voice Directions) Google Maps (Voice Directions) Spotify (Music) Pandora (Music) SoundCloud (Music) Amazon Cloud Player (Music) Skype (Phone Calls) Google Voice (Phone Calls) You can’t control these apps from your AMI system, so will need to still control the apps from the iPhone itself. Where Can I Buy This From? You can buy the ViseeO Tune2Air here. from Click Here to Buy on & Get FREE Shipping Resources ViseeO Tune2air WMA1000 ( Universal Car Mount Holder for iPhone ( Dual USB Car Charger Designed for Apple ( Was this article useful? If so, please click a button below to...

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How to Record a Skype Podcast Interview on a Mac Without a Mixer

In this video, I show you how to record a Skype podcast interview on two tracks in Adobe Audition without a mixer. Video Highlights (00:15) – My Current Setup for Podcasting (00:58) – Simplest Solution for 1-Track Skype Recording (03:58) – Overview of Multi Track Recording in Adobe Audition (05:35) – Installing Line In for Mac Software (06:10) – Installing SoundFlower for Mac Software (08:03) – Setting Up Line In Software (09:04) – Setting Up SoundFlower Software (09:12) – Setting Up Adobe Audition for 2-Track Skype Recording (10:35) – Setting Up Skype for 2-Track Recording (11:50) – My Volume & FX Settings in Adobe Audition for Podcasting (14:18) – Recording a Test Skype Call on 2-Tracks (15:10) – Exporting and Playing MP3 File Update In the video I mention that Ecamm Recorder does not record Skype conversation audio on separate tracks. My friend Darrell Darnell of Golden Spiral Media pointed out that this is not correct. According to Darrell: “It records each voice to a pair of stereo tracks (me left and right + guest left and right). Then in Audition or Audacity I can easily eliminate my right channel and my guest’s left channel and then combine the remaining tracks into a stereo track (or leave them as separate mono tracks).” Thanks for setting me straight Darrell. Resources Heil PR40 Microphone (Amazon) Heil PL-2t Overhead Broadcast Boom (Amazon) Heil PR40 Boom...

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How to Connect Roku to Hotel Wifi

If you’ve been searching for how to connect Roku to hotel wifi networks, then you’ve come to the right place. Watch this video and I’ll show you how to connect your Roku to hotel wireless networks: You can get more information about the Hootoo Tripmate here. Where Can I Buy This From? You can buy the Hootoo Tripmate here from Click Here to Buy on & Get FREE Shipping Alternative Product I’m currently testing the HooToo® TripMate Elite. Although I love the original Hootoo Tripmate (above), I really like the idea of having a portable router that I don’t have to worry about charging, forgetting cables etc. The Hootoo Tripmate Elite is a really nice ‘all in one’ solution. Click Here to Buy on & Get FREE Shipping Was this article useful? If so, please click a button below to...

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CBS All Access a Big Fail for NFL Online Streaming

Today, the Seattle Seahawks played the Chicago Bears and the game was being shown live on CBS. Since I didn’t have cable, I decided to sign up for CBS All Access, a monthly subscription service that gives you access to live and on-demand content. And they were offering first month access for free. It seemed too good to be true, and it was. Live TV Only Available in Select Markets The CBS website states that Live TV is only available in select markets. So during the sign-up process, they have you check availability of Live TV in your local area:...

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