Screen Scraping with Beautiful Soup

Beautiful Soup is a Python library which is very handy for projects like screen-scraping.  Here’s a brief tutorial on how to scrape a list of the top 250 movies from and write them to a local text file: 1) Download Beautiful Soup Downloading Beautiful Soup is very easy. I’m currently using version 3 and […]

Amazing Planet Earth

This is an amazing time-lapsed video of the planet Earth taken from Elektro-L, a Russian satellite. Checkout Gizmodo for more details.

Lions, Tigers and Neighbor’s WiFi!

These days you find wi-fi networks every where. This is good. And it’s bad. It’s great having the convenience of wi-fi at coffee shops, restaurants, hotels etc. But it’s a pain when all your neighbors have wi-fi networks that keep interfering with each other. I recently discovered a handy free utility for the Mac called […]