How to Record a Skype Podcast Interview on a Mac Without a Mixer

In this video, I show you how to record a Skype podcast interview on two tracks in Adobe Audition without a mixer.

Video Highlights

  • (00:15) – My Current Setup for Podcasting
  • (00:58) – Simplest Solution for 1-Track Skype Recording
  • (03:58) – Overview of Multi Track Recording in Adobe Audition
  • (05:35) – Installing Line In for Mac Software
  • (06:10) – Installing SoundFlower for Mac Software
  • (08:03) – Setting Up Line In Software
  • (09:04) – Setting Up SoundFlower Software
  • (09:12) – Setting Up Adobe Audition for 2-Track Skype Recording
  • (10:35) – Setting Up Skype for 2-Track Recording
  • (11:50) – My Volume & FX Settings in Adobe Audition for Podcasting
  • (14:18) – Recording a Test Skype Call on 2-Tracks
  • (15:10) – Exporting and Playing MP3 File


In the video I mention that Ecamm Recorder does not record Skype conversation audio on separate tracks. My friend Darrell Darnell of Golden Spiral Media pointed out that this is not correct. According to Darrell:

“It records each voice to a pair of stereo tracks (me left and right + guest left and right). Then in Audition or Audacity I can easily eliminate my right channel and my guest’s left channel and then combine the remaining tracks into a stereo track (or leave them as separate mono tracks).”

Thanks for setting me straight Darrell.